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Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies

Automatic Aerosol Dispenser | Lemon-E Disinfectant | Fantastik?/sup> Cleaner | Ajax?/sup> Bleach Cleanser
Breath "O" Spring | Cherry Scrub | Pine General Purpose Cleaner | Clorox Disinfectant | Lysol?/sup> Disinfectant
Simple Green?/sup> | WD-40?/span> | Trigger Spray Bottles | Soaps and Cleaners | Tuff Guy Waterless Hand Cleaner
Brooms and Mops | Bucket Wringer Combo | Rags  | Wypall Wipes | Dust Masks & Respirators
Sweeping Compound / All Purpose Absorbent |
Trash Liners | Recycling Bags | Trash Bags

 We offer many different trash bags, liners, and recycling bags at wholesale prices.
The more you buy, the more you save! Give us a call to discuss our high volume discount

Trash Liners - Black or Clear
11+ Cases - Call for High Volume Prices!
Sizes and Gauges Nominal


Size Size
In Gallons
Qty/Case Price/Case
1-5 6-10
15" x 9" x 31" Lt. Duty 16 500 $38.50 $35.50
16" x 14" x 37"  2 mil.  30 250 $38.50 $35.50
23" x 17" x 48"  2 mil. 45 100 $38.50 $35.50
22" x 14" x 58"  2 mil. 55 100 $38.50 $35.50
22" x 16" x 60"  3 mil. black 55 100 $68.00 $65.00
38" x 60"  3 mil. clear 55 100/roll $120.00 $115.00
28" x 24" x 60"  4 mil. 65 50/roll $58.00 $52.00
32" x 29" x 68"  2 mil. 95 50/roll $49.00 $44.00


Clear or Blue Recycling Bags
Size in
Qty/Case Price/Case
1-5 6-10

22" x 14" x 58" Medium Duty

55 100 $38.50 $35.50


Black Contractor Bags

Size in
Qty/Roll Price/Case
1-5 6-10

34.25" x 42" 3 mil.    

  100 $38.50 $35.50

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Sweeping Brooms

Item 18" 24" 36"
Corn Broom -  $13.50
Soft Bristle w/handle $21.50 $23.50 $38.50
Hard Bristle w/handle $20.50 $22.50 $37.50
Additional Handles - $4.95 each
Standing Dust Pan  -  $19.95 each
All Purpose Absorbent 
   32 qt. Oil-Dri.  - $16.50/bag
Sweeping Compound 
 70 lb. No sand, for finished floors  - $30.00 each


Item 1-5 6-10

Mop Handle

$15.50/each $14.50/each

Medium Weight Mop

$9.95/each $8.95/each


Bucket & Wringer Combo Pack

A simple and convenient way to order a combination mop bucket and wringer for your cleaning supposes.

35 quarts   $85.50/each



   ? Strong yet soft wipers that are suitable for almost any wiping task.
   ? Quickly and easily absorbs liquids, oils, and grease.
   ? Soft and pliable, ideal for personal wiping task, including industrial    

12.5" x 14.5"      12 packs/90 wipes per pack       $46.50/case


Cotton Rags
  • All cotton white t-shirt rags
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Perfect for polishing and wiping
Weight 1-5 Cases 6-10 Cases

50 lb/Case

$95.00/case $89.00/case

11+ Cases - Call for Special Pricing!

Colored Polo Rags
  • Colored Knit Polo T-Shirt Rags
  • Reusable, low lint
  • Assorted Colors
Weight 1-5 Cases 6-10 Cases

50 lb/Case

$65.00/case $59.00/case

11+ Cases - Call for Special Pricing!

Flannel Rags
  • Recycled mixed colored cotton flannel rags
  • Great for cleaning oil and grease, polishing
  • Reusable
Weight 1-5 Cases 6-10 Cases

50 lb/Case

$70.00/case $64.00/case

11+ Cases - Call for Special Pricing!


Non-Toxic Dust Masks
     Lightweight, comfortable, disposable
     Easy to use protection from airborne irritants

Quantity 1-5 Boxes 6-10 Boxes 12 per master
50/box Call for price Call for price Call for price


Dust & Mist Approved Respirators (N95)
OSHA approved, single-use respirator engineered for added comfort. With a strengthened outer shell, heavy-duty straps, soft inner facepiece, large filter area, adjustable nosepiece, and foam inner seal, lightweight, compact design.   

Quantity 1-5 Boxes 6-10 Boxes 12 per master
20/box Call for price Call for price Call for price

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Soaps and Cleansers
11+ Cases - Call for High Volume Prices!

Item Quantity 1-5 Cases 6-10 Cases
Super Pine Deodorizer/Cleaner 6 - 1 gal./case $34.50/case $32.50/case
Powdered Hand Soap 10 - 5 lb. boxes/case $60.50/case $58.50/case
Powdered Hand Soap 100 lb. drum $89.50 $87.50
Window Cleaner 4 - 1 gal./case $39.50/case $35.50/case
Bleach 6 - 1 gal./case $24.25/case $23.25/case
Ammonia 4 - 1 gal./case $18.50/case $17.50/case

Plastic Trigger Spray Bottles

  • Adjusts from fine mist to steady stream
  • Mix and dispense concentrated cleaning products

32 oz.   $2.99 Each  



Lemon-E Disinfectant

Extremely effective multi-surface disinfectant, deodorizer, and cleaner suitable for use in health care facilities, schools, food service areas, restrooms and most public areas. This product will kill Human Coronavirus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Influenza, Herpes Simplex, MRSA, HIV, HBV, etc.

4 - 1 gallon   $72.00/cs. 



Fantastik? Multi-Surface Disinfectant Degreaser

Multi-surface degreaser, disinfectant and sanitizer. Kills 99.9% of germs when used as directed. Leaves a pleasant scent.

8/32 oz. - trigger spray   $58.50/cs.
 4/1 gallon   $69.50/cs.



Simple Green? All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser

Concentrated, water-based cleaner/degreaser contains a blend of synthetic, high-grade penetrates activated by cold/hot water. Biodegradable and non-toxic, non-abrasive, and non-flammable. For use in a broad range of applications and for all types of businesses including commercial needs.

 6/1 gallon - $89.00/cs.
12/24 oz. - trigger spray  $89.00/cs.

Ajax?Oxygen Bleach Cleanser 

A non-chlorinated, economical cleanser for durable surfaces.
Removes stains. Brightens with bleach. Dissolves grease and grime.

24/21 oz.   $28.50/cs. 



Pine General Purpose Cleaner 
  • Excellent on all types of soils
  • Safe to use on any surface (except water-based paints)
  • Apply with a cloth, mop, coarse spray, brush or high-pressure equipment

4 - 1 gal./case      1-5  Cases  -  $34.50/cs.    6-10 Cases -  $32.50/cs.


Breath "O" Spring Deodorizer

This product is a water-soluble counteractant deodorizer formulated to neutralize disagreeable odors. Through a new technology, this product alters the molecule of the malodor, thus eliminating it...

Maintenance personnel find this product pleasant to work with and easy to use. When used properly, it leaves a clean, pleasant, fresh scent.  May be used as a deodorizer, air-spray or added to mopping solutions.

 4 - 1 gal./case     1-5  Cases - $48.00/cs.     6-10 Cases - $46.50/cs.

Cherry Scrub

A combination of synthetic detergents and builders that perform a host of cleaning jobs on any surface not harmed by water. Tailored specially for damp mopping and light cleaning. This specialty product is quality formulated to loosen, lift, and emulsify dirt.

4 - 1 gal./case     1-5  Cases  -  $32.50/cs.     6-10 Cases - $30.50/cs.


Pink Lotion Hand Soap

Pink Lotion Hand Soap is a nonirritating formula that produces a rich creamy lather and leaves hands soft & smooth.

4 - 1 gal./case     1 - 5 Cases - $35.95/cs.     6 -10 Cases - $33.95/cs.


Tuff Guy - Waterless Hand Cleaner
  • Removes grime, grease, tar, paint, ink, and more
  • Effective yet gentle, prevents chapping

6 cans - 4.5 lb./case     1-5 Cases - $49.50/cs.     6-10 cases - $45.50/.cs.


Deluxe Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
  • On/Off switch
  • LED power function
  • Adjustable spray intervals
  • 30-day LED monitor
  • High impact ABS plastic
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • 3,400 metered sprays
  • Requires only 2 "D" cell batteries (not included)

$35.00 each

Aerosol Dispenser Spray - 12 cans/cs.   $59.50/case


Clorox?/sup> Disinfectant

Multi-purpose spray disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces in ten minutes. Virucidal (including HIV-1), germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal. Kills and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Fresh scent.

$8.25 per can        12 - 19 oz. cans/case          $99.00/case


Lysol?/sup> Disinfectant -19 oz. can

 ?Kills 99.9% of mold and mildew
 ?Kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces
 ?Eliminates odors
 ?Use on fabrics, common surfaces
    and in the air

$8.25 per can         Case of 12  $99.00


WD-40?/sup> Spray Lubricant -11 oz. can

 ? Stops squeaks, protects metal, loosens
    rusted parts.
 ? Frees sticky mechanisms.
 ? Authorized by the USDA for use in federally
    inspected Meat and Poultry plants (H-2).

Case of 12  $85.00

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Ivory?/sup> Bar Soap

This mild, natural soap has no synthetics nor heavy perfumes. 99% pure.
It offers twice the lather of other brands with outstanding cleaning performance.

3.1 oz. - 72 bars per case.   $56.00/cs.

Lava?span style="font-size: 12.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:9.0pt"> 

  ? Outstanding cleaning performance.
? Lava's pumice helps power dirt and grease away.
? The leading heavy-duty hand cleaning bar available.

4 oz. - 48 bars per case ..... $58.50/cs.

Super Soap System

Use for medium to heavy-duty soil removal. This powerful, cosmetic-grade detergent is designed to suds-up quickly and will remove the most stubborn dirt, grease, and oil.

12 - 800 ml. pouches ..... $52.50/cs.

Super Soap Dispensers

Features a large, user-friendly push pad, loads quickly and easily.
Locks securely without a key.

$15.50 each

Liquid Dial?/span> Antibacterial Soap
? Removes as much as 97% of contaminating bacteria /viruses.
? Prevents regrowth of bacteria with germ-killing effectiveness.
? Mild to the skin even with frequent washings.

 4/1  Gallon ..... $66.00/cs.           12/7.5 oz. Pumps ..... $42.00/cs.

Orange Gojo?/font> Creme

? Unsurpassed cleaning power without the use of harsh solvents.
? Fresh orange scent with pumice added for extra scrubbing power.
? Gojo can be used with or without water and won't clog the drain. 

6/4.5 lbs. cans .....  $115.00/cs.

Glass Plus?/sup>

A multi-surface, light-duty cleaner for glass windows, mirrors, appliances, and other surfaces. It leaves no sticky streaks or films to collect dust.

12/32 oz. - with trigger spray ..... $76.50/cs.


A multi-surface, light-duty cleaner for glass windows, mirrors, appliances, and other surfaces. It leaves no sticky streaks or films to collect dust.

4/1 Gallon .... $54.50/cs.       8/32 oz. trigger spray .... $65.50/cs.

Clorox?/sup> Clean-Up

A  powerful cleaner combined with the disinfecting and stain-fighting power of Clorox?Germicidal Bleach. Effective on tough stains like food, grease, and mildew.

9/32 oz. - with trigger spray ..... $49.50/cs.

Pine Sol?/sup> Cleaner       

Dissolves grease and dirt on contact. EPA registered broad-spectrum cleaner, disin?ectant, and deodorizer. Versatile and easy to use with no rinsing required.

12/28 oz. ...$52.50/cs.          3/144 oz. ...$48.50/cs.

If you found us by searching for janitorial and cleaning supplies near me, we are glad you?e here!
We can offer your company all of these supplies and so much more, including gloves, toilet paper, and more.

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